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What exactly is JC4?

JC4 is a simple game of lining up 4 pieces in a row to win. Most people have played the Mattel board game at some time or the other. It is also an experimental game engine developed in the java programming language with the aims of being fast, flexible, and customizable. It is designed to be resizable to whatever size the player wants, it is able to be played in fullscreen mode, and it's able to use different detail levels (resolutions) for the sprites. It can also use different themes for the board to make is look and sound different. There is also the ability to run as either a java application or a java applet.

Can I design a theme?

Yes. Anybody can. No programming needed. I will add a feature that will allow anyone to try their hands at it before the 1.0 release. I will also write a document that details how to do this. Right now, the only way to do this is to get the source code and look at it so I would hold off for the moment.

I can't get fullscreen in applet mode.

The applet security manager on some browsers will freak out if I enable the fullscreen code in applet mode. Therefore, that is one feature I will keep disabled.

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